Every Sunday @ 10:30am

Something like a "good ole days" feel with traditional hymns and hallelujah moments led by Music Director Kevin Drake.  This is church the way you remember it and there's a sense of spiritual comfort in that.  Pastor Will Clark has a sit down with the little one before handing them off to Children's Minister Kayla Schellenberger.  Then he shares the messages he's prepared  for (himself, as he says, and) those come come to receive the message of God's love.  We also accept communion the first Sunday of each month.  


After the spark, fuel that fire!


Every Wednesday @ 6:45pm

With music inspired by groups like Bethel and Hillsong, Worship Leader, Jude Allen and a talented praise band bring you a mid-week breath of fresh air.  You can expect to be led in a praise and worship experience designed primarily by college students and young adults.  The setting is tranquil with dim lighting to relish moments of quiet reflection.  The weekly message is given by Pastor Will Clark. Communion is (almost) always available.  Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join us!

sunday school classes

Worship is a form of expression and communication; a display of love and appreciation.  It is a time to be with God and fellowship with your faith family.  It's an important part of spiritual growth.  It is a cleansing of the soul and renewing of the mind.

Worship can be many different things.  It can sound, look and feel a little different for each person experiencing it.  We strive to provide a worship experience that meets you where you are in your season of life and fully fills you with the spirit.  Whatever it sounds like, whatever is looks like, you can be sure it will feel spirit lead and spirit filled.

small study groups

1821 San Pablo Rd SJacksonvilleFlorida 32224, United States

Option 2 - something contemporary

Option 3 - i'm all for tradition

Every Sunday @ 9:00am

Rise and shine and give God the glory!  This is a high energy service with upbeat music pulled from the last several years of Christian radio.  It's is led by Music Director, Kevin Drake and a worship team comprised of church volunteers of all ages.  It's a great way to kick-off your week.  We accept communication the first Sunday of every month.  Pastor Will Clark shares a special messages for the little one before releasing them to children's church and diving into the word with the rest of us.  That includes all of you!

What does that look like?

Option 1 - something next gen

Worship and Praise With Us